Digimon Adventure tri. 3: Kokuhaku – Review

The third installment in the Digimon Adventure tri series. The previous two movies were split into 4 episodes but this one is actually made up of 5 episodes. In my last review I said they worked better as episodes than as movies, this movie felt like one big episode rather than 5 back to back.

This movie really toys with your emotions. Even though I know from the 02 epilogue that everyone will be fine seeing the emotional scenes in this film still brought me close to tears. Especially during one scene where each of the Digimon just want to spend time with their partner doing the thing they enjoy the most. Tentomon in particular has a few scenes like this being the movie where he evolves to Mega.


On that note it’s great to finally see HerculesKabuterimon after knowing about it being Tentomon’s Mega stage for several years now. Tentomon is one of my favourite characters so having a movie with more focus on him and “Koshiro-han” (or Izzy for dub fans) is neat. We also get to see the new evolution animation for MetalGreymon and Angewoman.


So that’s both of this year’s Digimon movies seen now. I liked this one more that the last one. Next one of these is in February. Also if you prefer the dub the first movie has been dubbed now with some of the original cast reprising their roles including Joshua Seth coming out of retirement to play Tai again.


Dirty 30 – Review

The latest film from Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart. I’m a fan of these YouTubers individual channels and their collaborations including the 2014 film Camp Takota. So of course I was looking forward to this film ever since it was announced.

The film is great. It’s a very fun movie and much like Camp Takota the friendship between the three leads helps to make the friendship between their characters work really well.


As well as the three leads there are several other YouTubers in the cast including Anna Akana (who some will recognize from the end of Ant-Man), Rhett & Link and Lee Newton. A lot of the humour comes from the way each of the supporting characters interact during the party. Rhett & Link’s characters and their constant confusion is especially amusing.


If you’re a fan of YouTube’s Holy Trinity you’ll be sure to enjoy this film. I can see this film and Camp Takota working as part of a short series of films with the same lead actors and a similar theme much like the Cornetto Trilogy. I look forward to seeing more films from these three in the future. Also I bought one of those Partee Tyme shirts.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol – Review

Looking back at my thoughts on the first three films it seems the biggest problem they have is that they’ve aged terribly. This makes a lot of sense since my biggest problems with 2 and 3 were that their main female characters were only there to be the damsel in distress and my issue with the first film was the lack of interesting character interaction.

That’ll probably be why this is the best film too because this is when the series finally gets fun. The team are actually full fledged characters with personality instead of just being Ethan Hunt’s back up, the action is more frequent and unique and the comedy is funny.


Then you have Paula Patton’s character Jane who is not a love interest or a damsel in distress nor is she just part of the team. She’s got her own subplot, fight scenes and personality. It’s a shame she didn’t stick around for Rogue Nation.


This is also the film that gives Simon Pegg’s character Benji a bigger role and the series is better for it. All the things I liked about him in Rogue Nation are present here too. If they ever decided to do the series without Tom Cruise I’d be happy to see Simon Pegg as the new lead actor.


Now that the movie marathon is over it’s time to post my ranking of the series

Ghost Protocol > Rogue Nation > M:I > M:I3 > M:I2

Mission: Impossible III – Review

So far none of these films have been as good as Rogue Nation was. I’m glad I did see Rogue Nation first now because it means I know that at some point the films get better.

This film does show signs of the series getting better with more scenes featuring Luther, the first appearance of Simon Pegg’s character Benji and the action scenes while not as good as the first film or Rogue Nation are an improvement over the second film. We also have Phillip Seymour Hoffman giving a great performance as the villain.

"Your eyes say 'No', but your nose says 'Blow me'."

The problem with the film again comes in the form of the love interest. It looks like Ethan and Nyah realized how out of nowhere their relationship went and broke up between movies and in her place is this character we know nothing about other than the fact she’s Ethan Hunt’s fiance/wife. In other words she’s a character who only exists to be a damsel in distress. And the film is centered around this damsel in distress plot which is annoying because it means less screen time for Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character.

"Nope, it is mathmatically impossible to explain Scientology."

I’ve only got one more film to watch and rather than wait until tomorrow I’m going to watch it now to get this marathon over with. Hopefully it’ll surprise me.

Mission: Impossible II – Review

So far when doing these movie marathons the second movie tends to be better than the first with Aliens vs Predator: Requiem being the only exception. And after being a bit underwhelmed by the first film outside of its action scenes I was hoping this might continue that tradition.

It doesn’t. In fact the action scenes are a downgrade from the first film. The most we really get in this are Ethan Hunt climbing a mountain (for some reason) and a car/motorbike chase scene that is like the car/motorbike chase scenes you get in a lot of action movies. So when the action scenes are average all you’re left with is the plot which is mediocre.


The biggest disappointment for me has to be Thandie Newton’s character Nyah. In her first couple of scenes she seems like she’s going to have a more active role in the team as she’s introduced as a skilled thief with witty dialogue, and then she falls in love with Ethan Hunt out of nowhere and that character is nowhere to be seen. Then she gets hired to hook up with her ex and then spends the rest of the movie as a damsel in distress. While I do expect this trope in spy movies the fact she is introduced in a way that makes her seem like she was going to be a much better character makes the fact she is just a damsel in distress disappointing.


The film is ok but I’m looking forward to when this series starts to pick up in quality. I listened to the Film Sack review of this last night and it sounds like the next film is when Simon Pegg joins the cast and his character was the best part of Rogue Nation. Also maybe Luther will have more to do at some point because so far he’s just part of the team.

Mission Impossible – Review

So last month I saw the newest Mission Impossible film without seeing any of the others. So with LEGO Dimensions bringing out a Mission Impossible Level Pack next week I figured this was the right time to watch the rest of the series.

In my Rogue Nation review I said I didn’t really get a proper introduction to the characters. The same is weirdly the case here, it seems to work under the impression you watched the original TV show and know the format. It actually seems like watching one of the newer films first was the better introduction to the movies.


That’s not to say the movie was bad, it had several good scenes including some great action sequences but the overall story was just ok. Hopefully in the sequels we’ll get more time with the characters, especially since we haven’t met Simon Pegg’s character yet and he was the best part of Rogue Nation.


This does make me more excited about the Mission Impossible Level Pack though since it will be based on this movie. The set pieces and action scenes will be fun to play through with Finn the Human and the new Ghostbusters joining in.

Prometheus – Review

Well here it is, the last film I needed to see before finally completing the Alien/Predator franchise. Whenever I mentioned that I hadn’t seen this one the response was usually along the lines of “don’t bother” which of course made me more interested in seeing it.

As it turns out I actually liked it. It’s not as good as the better films in this franchise but it’s better than I expected it to be and a huge improvement over the mediocre Predators and the flat out awful AvP Requiem. It’s not great but it is good.


First the visuals of this film are great. The hologram scene stands out for me but also the location manages to capture the same look of the original Alien while also being new. Plus after the disappointing settings of AVP Requiem and Predators it’s nice to see a well designed location in this franchise again. The film’s cast is also very talented and actually play well written characters, something that again was absent in the last two movies.


The film isn’t without its flaws though and the biggest in my opinion was how boring the Engineers’ designs are. I get why they look like humans but that doesn’t change the fact that giant albino Dr. Manhattan is a boring design and they looked better when I thought their helmets were their actual faces. It’s a shame because there are other creatures like the squid thing and the new Xenomorph style creature that looked cool.


So that’s the Alien/Predator franchise finished, at least until the next film comes out. Until then here’s my finally ranking of the entire franchise.

Aliens > Alien vs Predator > Alien > Predator 2 > Predator > Alien: Resurrection > Prometheus > Predators > Aliens vs Predator: Requiem > Alien 3

So with this franchise finished it’s time to start planning my next movie marathons. I have a few ideas including a shorter one I plan on doing later this week. And of course there’s only one way I can end this review, with a link to the song that always pops into my head whenever this movie comes up (and I’m currently listening to as I type this).