Rocky – Review

I’ve been wanting to do another movie marathon like I did with the Alien films and Rocky seemed like the best choice to do next. Including Creed there’s enough films to watch in a whole week. So this week I’ll find out what makes this series so iconic.

One thing that took me by surprise with this film is its tone. The first half of the movie is just about Rocky living his everyday life doing his side job, going on dates and talking to people. During these scenes there’s a much softer piano version of the main theme. This actually makes the use of the theme in the montage even better because it’s his theme in a more upbeat and inspirational tone.


It’s interesting how you make assumptions about the plot of an iconic film. I originally assumed the big fight was the end of a tournament rather than a specifically planned match. Now this might actually be the case in another movie or just be due to me being unfamiliar with how boxing works but I still thought it was worth making note of. The fight itself is impressive and shows how brutal boxing can be.


I’m not sure if this was always planned as the start of a series but it certainly give me that impression. This is also why this review is pretty short, it’s hard to find things to say since this is a character driven movie and I feel like this film is just the introduction of the characters and that I’ll learn more about them as I watch the sequels.


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