Rocky III – Review

I wasn’t really sure what the popular opinion of this film was in comparison to the others so I had no idea what to expect or how my stance on the film will compare to others.

So far this series has been getting better with each film. The story has moved forwards and they change up the formula and locations. There’s clear examples of character development from the previous films that continues over the course of this one. This is also the film that has that iconic track Eye of the Tiger which I’ve been looking forward to hearing in context since I started this marathon, it did not disappoint.


Another thing I was looking forward to seeing in this film was what Apollo Creed’s role was going to be this time around. Being Rocky’s new trainer works really well and I’m really glad his training methods differ from Mickey’s. I also like the respect the two former rivals have for each other now.


Mr. T was great as Clubber Lang. Every line of dialogue from him is entertaining including, of course, Mr. T’s famous catchphrase “I pity the fool”. Hearing characters talk about how dangerous and powerful he is reminded me of the old Mr. T Vs Everything comics I used to read in the early 2000s.


Tomorrow should be interesting since I recall hearing a few people say IV is their favourite. Plus based on the way the series has been so far I’m expecting to see about four montages.


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