Rocky IV – Review

This one is apparently the most popular of the Rocky sequels and it includes the most (mis)quoted line in the series. Out of all of the films I’d say this was the one I was most interested in seeing what I’d think about it. So does it live up to the hype?

It’s good but not as good as II or III. While the film does still have that personal impact on the characters it doesn’t spend as much time dwelling on it as it should have. And this film includes the death of a major character too and when they actually show the impact of that they are powerful scenes but they’re all in the first half, once they get to Russia it’s just training and then the big fight. It’s still good but the series has been better.


The fight itself is probably the best in the series. The fighters are pretty evenly matched and the montage sequence makes it much more entertaining to watch than some of the others. The training montage is also well shot, it’s just too bad the music doesn’t have that same connection to the character that the main theme and Eye of the Tiger have.


Despite the disappointments when the film does focus on character moments it does them very well. I just wish the film had more scenes like that but I do understand they wanted to focus on US vs Russia angle. Tomorrow is the last numbered film and the one I know the least about so that should be interesting. But before I end the review I have one question…


What the hell is this thing and why is it in this movie?


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