Rocky V – Review

Out of all the films this is the one I knew nothing about going into it. While looking up reference images for this review and reading the Wikipedia page (after watching the film of course) it turns out this is the unpopular film in the original series…

I guess that means it’s controversial opinion time because I’d say this is the second best film in the series after III. It’s focused more on character development, moves away from the formula of the rest of the series and is a logical path for the story to take.


The fact that Rocky Jr is played by Sylvester Stallone’s own son in this really helps makes their scenes together work really well. Considering this is Sage Stallone’s acting debut he gave a pretty good performance. I’ll admit it was amusing that he’s noticeably older than the actor who played Rocky Jr in IV. How long were you in Russia Rocky?


At first I found Tommy Gunn’s story arc to be pretty mediocre, especially compared to Rocky Jr’s, but when the two storylines overlapped and Gunn’s role changed to being an antagonist I realized that was the point and it made me like the film more. I also think it’s pretty neat they got a real boxer to play him.


Considering this was the end of the series for a while I’d say it ended on a good note. But of course I still have two more films to watch, haven’t seen a bad one yet, lets hope that doesn’t change. I’ve heard good things about Creed but mixed views on Rocky Balboa…


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