Creed – Review

And so we come to the end of the Rocky marathon. It’s been great getting to tick another iconic film series off my to-watch list and after all the hype I remember surrounding this film last year it’s time to finally see it for myself.

This film is great and a perfect way to end this marathon. I really liked seeing this film universe from a new perspective. It works as both a 7th Rocky movie and as the first film in a new series. The film has a lot of the things that worked about the Rocky films while also have enough differences to be its own thing.


Micheal B. Jordan does a fantastic job playing Donnie and this film makes me want to see more from him both as Adonis Creed and in general. He’s very clearly his own character and not just the new Apollo Creed or the new Rocky Balboa, he’s got his similarities to them of course but he’s also a very different character to both of them.


One area I feel this movie is better than the rest of the films in is the romance. It took me until the second film to really feel invested in Rocky and Adrian’s relationship but Donnie and Bianca’s worked right away. Tessa Thompson is a great actress and I’m really looking forward to seeing her play Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok next year.


And of course we can’t forget Stallone. He really does give one of his best performances here and I’d say that he definately deserved the Oscar nomination he got for this. Rocky is an important part of this film with his own subplot but he doesn’t overshadow Donnie, the two of them make each other better.


And so now that the marathon is over there’s only one thing left to do. Rank the films from best to worst (though none of them were bad so it’s more best to least good).

Rocky III > Creed > Rocky V > Rocky Balboa > Rocky II > Rocky IV > Rocky


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