The Secret Life of Pets – Review

When the original teaser trailer for this came out I felt like they’d already done a good job depicting the concept the title describes well and it really should have just been done as a short film. But I remember that was my reaction to Inside Out too and it was one of the best films to come out last year so I felt this film was worth giving a chance.

My first impression was right on this one though. The film doesn’t really explore the secret life of pets outside of the scene depicted in that first trailer. The rest of the film is your basic talking animal in the big city movie with a bit of Toy Story thrown in for good measure. And while the film has its charm and several funny jokes it just doesn’t stand out when compared to other talking animal in the big city movies (or to Toy Story).


The biggest problem though is that there are a lot of characters and barely any of them get that much attention outside of a recurring gag. All the characters in the above image for example, outside of maybe Gidget they’re just “the group” who at best have a running gag and at worst are just there, doing nothing of note whatsoever. But even Gidget’s character mostly is centered around her crush on Max. It’s a shame because what little we get of some of these characters is amusing and I feel like a different story would have been better suited to them. According to Wikipedia a sequel is planned for 2018, maybe when that comes out it’ll fix these problems and be the better film.


The film is alright but it really feels like it could have been better if it had a better story that focused on the actual set up of the movie instead of copying Toy Story. It’s also annoying that the only other setting these characters have are those awful Sky Broadband adverts. But like I said maybe the sequel will be better.


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