For the Love of Spock – Review

Last year I saw the Kickstarter for this documentary and right away I wanted to show my support and back the campaign. The best documentary I saw last year was Twinsters and a big part of what made it such a great documentary was that it was personal to the people making it. The same is the case here with Adam Nimoy telling the story of his father, the character of Mr. Spock and the impact both of them had on everyone around them.

Across every take on the original crew be it the original series, the new films or the fan series Star Trek Continues the stand out character has always been Spock. But the best Spock no matter how many takes on the character we may get will always be Leonard Nimoy. A big part of what makes Zachary Quinto and Todd Haberkorn’s performances so great is seeing the ways Leonard Nimoy’s performance inspires theirs.


One of the best things about this documentary is that you can tell the interviews aren’t just you’re usual documentary interview, they’re conversations. The film also doesn’t avoid talking about the negative effects Nimoy’s career had on his family and the more difficult times they had. These are the details that push this up from being a good documentary to a great one and give it that personal touch.


There are several fascinating details about the character of Spock that are talked about here too. Some I didn’t know about going in such as how many iconic traits of the character were ideas Leonard Nimoy came up with himself.


If you’re a fan of Star Trek I highly recommend this documentary. Adam Nimoy does a wonderful job making this both a tribute to his father and the iconic character he played. I don’t know if I’ll be seeing any more documentaries this year but if I do I doubt they’ll be as good as this one.  Live long and prosper.


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