The Big Lebowski – Review

This is a film that has been on my To-Watch list for a while now and part of my family’s DVD collection even longer than that, in fact I believe I added it when going through which films in said DVD collection I hadn’t seen while in a Google+ conversation.

The film is very odd. Intentionally of course but it does get distracting at times. It is still enjoyable though with a fair amount of funny dialogue and a great cast.


I did like finally seeing the origin of a few of the famous quotes and memes tied to this film. I’ve seen a lot of references to this movie before too so actually knowing what the characters are like helps me appreciate those references even more.


The film is very surreal and includes several Big Lipped Alligator Moments (including two dream sequences that seem more like drug sequences) and I can tell this is part of the film’s charm for some people but I just didn’t get it. I think my main issue was more “why is this happening NOW?” rather than why these scenes happened at all.


I am glad I finally saw this even if I just found it to be alright. It just didn’t live up to the hype but is still a decent movie. Also side note, this is the only film I’ve seen by the Coen Brothers.


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