Predators – Review

So earlier this year when I did my Alien/Predator marathon I wrapped it up after finishing the second Alien Vs Predator movie. So this week I decided to finally pick up where I left off with that marathon before I start preparing for the next one.

The film is just ok. My first sign of disappointment was that the setting was just a jungle again. Yes it was on another planet but it just looked like a regular Earth jungle. See one of the things I liked about Predator 2 and the first Alien Vs Predator is that they changed the environment. At the very least they could have made it look like an alien jungle.


The other problem is that the characters were boring. The two lead characters weren’t interesting or likable in the slightest and the rest of the cast might as well have been wearing red shirts. In fact there was one character I felt should have died sooner.


The new Predator designed looked cool but much like the Predalien a good design isn’t enough. Also for a movie called Predators only one of them really matters, the movie wouldn’t have changed much if it had just been the one Predator.


While this isn’t as bad as Alien 3 or Alien Vs Predator: Requiem it isn’t anything special either. It’s a shame because the premise is a good one and just needed a better set and group of characters. I won’t post my updated ranking for this series because I have one more film to watch first…


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