Mission Impossible – Review

So last month I saw the newest Mission Impossible film without seeing any of the others. So with LEGO Dimensions bringing out a Mission Impossible Level Pack next week I figured this was the right time to watch the rest of the series.

In my Rogue Nation review I said I didn’t really get a proper introduction to the characters. The same is weirdly the case here, it seems to work under the impression you watched the original TV show and know the format. It actually seems like watching one of the newer films first was the better introduction to the movies.


That’s not to say the movie was bad, it had several good scenes including some great action sequences but the overall story was just ok. Hopefully in the sequels we’ll get more time with the characters, especially since we haven’t met Simon Pegg’s character yet and he was the best part of Rogue Nation.


This does make me more excited about the Mission Impossible Level Pack though since it will be based on this movie. The set pieces and action scenes will be fun to play through with Finn the Human and the new Ghostbusters joining in.


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