Mission: Impossible II – Review

So far when doing these movie marathons the second movie tends to be better than the first with Aliens vs Predator: Requiem being the only exception. And after being a bit underwhelmed by the first film outside of its action scenes I was hoping this might continue that tradition.

It doesn’t. In fact the action scenes are a downgrade from the first film. The most we really get in this are Ethan Hunt climbing a mountain (for some reason) and a car/motorbike chase scene that is like the car/motorbike chase scenes you get in a lot of action movies. So when the action scenes are average all you’re left with is the plot which is mediocre.


The biggest disappointment for me has to be Thandie Newton’s character Nyah. In her first couple of scenes she seems like she’s going to have a more active role in the team as she’s introduced as a skilled thief with witty dialogue, and then she falls in love with Ethan Hunt out of nowhere and that character is nowhere to be seen. Then she gets hired to hook up with her ex and then spends the rest of the movie as a damsel in distress. While I do expect this trope in spy movies the fact she is introduced in a way that makes her seem like she was going to be a much better character makes the fact she is just a damsel in distress disappointing.


The film is ok but I’m looking forward to when this series starts to pick up in quality. I listened to the Film Sack review of this last night and it sounds like the next film is when Simon Pegg joins the cast and his character was the best part of Rogue Nation. Also maybe Luther will have more to do at some point because so far he’s just part of the team.


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