Mission: Impossible III – Review

So far none of these films have been as good as Rogue Nation was. I’m glad I did see Rogue Nation first now because it means I know that at some point the films get better.

This film does show signs of the series getting better with more scenes featuring Luther, the first appearance of Simon Pegg’s character Benji and the action scenes while not as good as the first film or Rogue Nation are an improvement over the second film. We also have Phillip Seymour Hoffman giving a great performance as the villain.

"Your eyes say 'No', but your nose says 'Blow me'."

The problem with the film again comes in the form of the love interest. It looks like Ethan and Nyah realized how out of nowhere their relationship went and broke up between movies and in her place is this character we know nothing about other than the fact she’s Ethan Hunt’s fiance/wife. In other words she’s a character who only exists to be a damsel in distress. And the film is centered around this damsel in distress plot which is annoying because it means less screen time for Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character.

"Nope, it is mathmatically impossible to explain Scientology."

I’ve only got one more film to watch and rather than wait until tomorrow I’m going to watch it now to get this marathon over with. Hopefully it’ll surprise me.


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