Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol – Review

Looking back at my thoughts on the first three films it seems the biggest problem they have is that they’ve aged terribly. This makes a lot of sense since my biggest problems with 2 and 3 were that their main female characters were only there to be the damsel in distress and my issue with the first film was the lack of interesting character interaction.

That’ll probably be why this is the best film too because this is when the series finally gets fun. The team are actually full fledged characters with personality instead of just being Ethan Hunt’s back up, the action is more frequent and unique and the comedy is funny.


Then you have Paula Patton’s character Jane who is not a love interest or a damsel in distress nor is she just part of the team. She’s got her own subplot, fight scenes and personality. It’s a shame she didn’t stick around for Rogue Nation.


This is also the film that gives Simon Pegg’s character Benji a bigger role and the series is better for it. All the things I liked about him in Rogue Nation are present here too. If they ever decided to do the series without Tom Cruise I’d be happy to see Simon Pegg as the new lead actor.


Now that the movie marathon is over it’s time to post my ranking of the series

Ghost Protocol > Rogue Nation > M:I > M:I3 > M:I2


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