Digimon Adventure tri. 3: Kokuhaku – Review

The third installment in the Digimon Adventure tri series. The previous two movies were split into 4 episodes but this one is actually made up of 5 episodes. In my last review I said they worked better as episodes than as movies, this movie felt like one big episode rather than 5 back to back.

This movie really toys with your emotions. Even though I know from the 02 epilogue that everyone will be fine seeing the emotional scenes in this film still brought me close to tears. Especially during one scene where each of the Digimon just want to spend time with their partner doing the thing they enjoy the most. Tentomon in particular has a few scenes like this being the movie where he evolves to Mega.


On that note it’s great to finally see HerculesKabuterimon after knowing about it being Tentomon’s Mega stage for several years now. Tentomon is one of my favourite characters so having a movie with more focus on him and “Koshiro-han” (or Izzy for dub fans) is neat. We also get to see the new evolution animation for MetalGreymon and Angewoman.


So that’s both of this year’s Digimon movies seen now. I liked this one more that the last one. Next one of these is in February. Also if you prefer the dub the first movie has been dubbed now with some of the original cast reprising their roles including Joshua Seth coming out of retirement to play Tai again.


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