My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree – Review

So far the Equestria Girls films have been surprising me with how good they’ve been. A big part of that has been Sunset Shimmer’s character arc and seeing what each film brings to her story.

Sadly this is probably the weakest film in the series. I still enjoyed it not as much as the other films in the series. I was also disappointed with the limited number of songs this time around, the songs themselves are decent but not nearly as good as the ones from the other three films.


One of my biggest concerns about this film after seeing the trailer and preview footage was that Twilight Sparkle would overshadow Sunset Shimmer. While Sunset isn’t completely sidelined her role is mostly a supporting role in Twilight’s story.


There are still some advancements in the overall story that prevent this from feeling like filler but I’m not as excited about next year’s Equestria Girls movie as I was about this year’s after watching Friendship Games. However I am excited about the movie of the main series that comes out in cinemas next year.


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