Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Review

It was my birthday yesterday and one of my presents was a DVD set of the Star Trek movies. So of course it’s time for another movie marathon. But first some important details. First I’ve already seen Wrath of Khan (good movie) so after writing this review the next film I’m watching will be Search for Spock. Second I’m going to save the Next Generation movies for another marathon in November because otherwise this will be too long. With that said time to boldly go where plenty of people have gone before.

The film is alright. Its biggest problem is pacing. Seriously there are several transition scenes that go on way longer than they need to be and I expect if you cut them down to a reasonable length you’d have a regular episode length with an average story.


You can tell these scenes mean well as they’re intended to show off the special effects but it just ruins the pacing. There’s a scene early in the film where we get a long shot of the Enterprise as Kirk is slowly moving towards it which has a good dramatic effect at first and then it keeps going and going and going and going.


It’s nice seeing the reunion of the original crew though many get overshadowed by the mediocre new characters. The new uniforms are pretty bland and you can see why they switched to the red jackets in Wrath of Khan. Also Kirk’s v-neck looks silly.


Is there some truth to the odd numbered films being the bad ones? Hard to say at this point but I wouldn’t call this film bad, I just wouldn’t call it good either. I suppose the best thing to say about this film would be…


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