Star Trek III: The Search for Spock – Review

So having already seen Wrath of Khan that means I’m seeing two odd numbered Star Trek movies back to back which according to a fair amount of the fandom are the bad ones, or at least not the good ones. So now it’s time to see if I agree with that mindset or not.

I liked this film. Is it as good as Wrath of Khan? No but it’s still a decent film with some entertaining performances. It’s also a Star Trek film with Klingons as the central antagonists rather than a cameo role like they’ve had in the films I’ve seen so far.


On the subject of the Klingons and entertaining performances we have Christopher Lloyd as the main villain. He makes a good Klingon and is one of the better Star Trek movie villains I’ve seen so far counting the new films.


It’s a good film. Not great but still good. Now if I’m not mistaken I think the next film is the one with the whales which gets almost as much praise as Wrath of Khan.


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