Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – Review

This is the film in this marathon I was looking forward to seeing the most. So now that I’ve seen it does it live up to the hype?

Yes, it’s one of my favourite Star Trek films so far. It’s certainly the funniest film in the series. It has some of the most memorable quotes in the series and even a few scenes I’d seen referenced before in other media.


Seeing the crew of the Enterprise (or in this case the crew of the Bounty) in the 80s is especially entertaining. Back when this was new this was the present day so there was humour in the characters reaction to how outdated the present day technology was, but now there’s humour in agreeing with the crew on the old technology.


This is the one with the whales and as silly is that sounds it works pretty well. The environmental message is an important one and makes sense for a Star Trek movie. It’s also still just as silly as it sounds with a scene of Spock mind melding with a whale.


Only two more films of this marathon to go. I’ve liked how these last two transitioned into each other with the crew still having a Bird of Prey instead of a Federation ship. I expect the next film will have a “another adventure” start to it though.


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