Star Trek V: The Final Frontier – Review

So far these odd numbered films haven’t lived up to their reputation of being “the bad ones”. Yes the even numbered films have been better but other than the pacing issues in The Motion Picture I’ve been enjoying the entire series so far.

This film was better than I expected. It’s silly sure but it’s not without it’s charm. The jokes are funny and story works. It’s a decent movie.


It doesn’t really progress the story like the last three did though were each film ended in a way that effected the next film. Unless Kirk, Spock and McCoy start singing Row row row your boat in the next film I can’t really see anything from this film effecting the next part of the series.


The antagonist was alright. I do wish they’d done more with the fact he’s an emotional Vulcan and Spock’s brother but that’s really the case for most faults with this film, things it could have been rather than problems with what it is.


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