Doctor Strange – Review

So I saw this on the release day but this review is a bit late, mostly because that same day I also purchased Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and have been spending a lot of time playing it. So before I return to the game it’s time to write my review for the latest Marvel movie.

It’s really good. Marvel just keep making great film after great film. It’s also good to see that we’re in phase 3 and still have plenty of world building. Also as someone who doesn’t really care for the whole “science vs magic” cliche in media it’s refreshing to see a film about magic where the lead character is a man of science who actually combines his knowledge of both together.


On the subject of that main character Benedict Cumberbatch was perfectly cast as Dr. Strange himself. He’s up there with Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark as one of those actors who when you see them in costume just look like the character from the comic. The moment he starts wearing his cloak it’s like Earth-616’s Dr. Strange was on the screen. And of course Benedict Cumberbatch is a great actor so not only did he look the part, he also gave what I consider one of his best performances.


Of course the film isn’t without its flaws and it’s hard to talk about this film and its cast without bringing up the controversy concerning the casting of The Ancient One. I’ve heard both sides of this discussion and while I do understand why they did this and that Earth-199999’s Ancient One isn’t supposed to be the same character as Earth-616’s Ancient One and think Tilda Swinton gave a decent performance I still have to consider this a flaw. Hollywood whitewashing continues to be a problem and even if I understand the excuses they’re still excuses. Does it ruin the movie for me? No but I wouldn’t feel comfortable praising the film as much as I am without acknowledging that this is a problem with it.


Overall despite my problems with The Ancient One I still really liked this movie. For Marvel regulars there’s the usually two credits scenes which I obviously won’t spoil but did get me excited about the things that are set up.


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