Beetlejuice – Review

So much like the Mission Impossible films this is a film I mostly chose to watch due to its addition into LEGO Dimensions at some point next year. It’s really been useful at helping me figure out what classic films I should watch. Also if you’re wondering why the featured image for this is from the animated series (unless you’re on a phone in which case you’ve probably never seen the featured images for some reason) it’s because most results were either the name on its own or for a sequel that doesn’t exist, this just seemed like the most fitting choice.

It’s a funny film set in a typical Tim Burton world. This is one of the films I see people bring up when talking about the classic Tim Burton style. The effects while dated and blatantly fake are really creative and well made, they also fit the tone of the film really well.


Michael Keaton does an entertaining job as the film’s title character whose name is surprisingly not spelt the way it is in the title (probably so characters would say it wrong at first). He’s an amusing character who reminds me a bit of The Mask and it’s clear Keaton is having fun with the role.


Another main character in the film is Winona Ryder of Stranger Things fame. Before Alien: Resurrection I hadn’t seen any other films she’d been in so it was interesting getting to see one of her more famous roles.


There’s not much else to say about the film. It was fun to watch, a good film choice for Halloween (though not really a scary one) and I’m looking forward to the LEGO Dimensions content but mostly that’s it. But I can say that starting tomorrow I’m doing my second Star Trek movie marathon with the Next Gen movies.


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