Star Trek: Generations – Review

It’s time to return to my Star Trek movie marathon with the Next Gen movies. And of course being an odd numbered film this has a reputation of being one of the bad ones but as you might have noticed I haven’t really considered any of the films to be bad ones.

I thought this film was alright. Was it great? No but it’s not a bad movie either. I guess it’s more like an extended episode of Next Generation than a movie. It also sparked an interesting conversation with my dad while he was in the room about the the different ways people know actors and movies (the actor who sparked said discussion was Malcolm McDowell).


The main selling point of this film is that it brings Kirk and Picard together and while I do like seeing them interact I do wish we’d gotten more. It’s not until the later half of the film that the two meet and after a few short scenes together it’s time for the film’s climax. The film needed more scenes of them together, perhaps with the Nexus not being quite so easy for them to escape instead of them leaving the moment Kirk agrees to it.


There’s also a subplot involving Data installing an emotion chip which sometimes works and other times makes him look drunk. Much like Kirk and Picard meeting I feel like if more attention was given to this story arc it could have been a much better movie.


So really the main problems with the film are with what it could have been rather than what it is. Kirk and Picard meeting and working together should have been the set up on one of Star Trek’s best movies but instead it’s just an average one.


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