Star Trek: First Contact – Review

In my Generations review I said it felt more like an extended episode than a movie. First Contact actually feels like an actual movie. It also gives the impression a lot more time has passed between movies with new uniforms and Geordi switching out his visor for some sort of cybernetic implants.

It’s also a much better film than Generations with (for the most part) more focus on its story arcs. The Borg are also the perfect TNG villains to center a movie around being both a powerful enemy and a personal one.


The scenes on the Enterprise and the attempts to fight back against the Borg as they take over are the strongest part of the film. It shows just how deadly the Borg can be. It’s also where the majority of the film takes place which unfortunately does have a side effect.


Despite being a time travel movie not nearly as much attention is given to the actual time period they travel to. This is the one story arc that gets underused and while it does have some good scenes and the idea of a time travel movie where the past is still our future is an interesting on there just isn’t as much of an impact on the story that the time period had on The Voyage Home. It feels like this could have been its own movie rather than part of this one.


It’s a good film, just not a great one. I did like how this year I’ve seen both halves of a silly gif in their original context for the first time in the same year. Only two more films to go now and I’ll have seen every Star Trek movie.


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