Star Trek: Nemesis – Review

And so both Star Trek marathons have come to a close. While the TNG movies haven’t been as good as the best of the ToS movies they’ve still been enjoyable. I guess my controversial opinion with this series is that I don’t dislike any of them.

So like with most of the Next Gen movies this was just alright. The film has some well written scenes and some scenes that really don’t work. Once again focus is the issue with the film. But when the scenes work they work really well and there’s a heartbreaking section of the film which has the impact that it was going for.


The antagonist being a clone of Picard is an interesting set up and the scenes where each call himself a mirror for the other are some of the better moments. The only issue I had was Shinzon as a character doesn’t really feel like an evil Picard. Maybe it’s the fact he’s not played by Patrick Stewart (though Tom Hardy gives a great performance).


The film isn’t a bad ending to the Next Gen series. It works just fine but when you compare it to the end of the show and The Undiscovered Country it doesn’t have the same impact. And I’m not even saying because of the sad nature of the end either because as I said it had the intended impact. I’ve heard that one of the main issues people had with this film is that characters besides Picard and Data didn’t have all that much to do. While I don’t think they were completely shafted I do think they have a point because while it works well as an ending for Picard and Data it doesn’t feel like the right one for everyone else.


So it’s time for my final ranking of the entire film series from The Motion Picture to Beyond.

The Voyage Home > The Undiscovered Country > The Wrath of Khan > Star Trek > Beyond > The Search for Spock > First Contact > The Final Frontier > Nemesis > Generations > The Motion Picture > Insurrection > Into Darkness

I’ve really enjoyed getting to see these movies, especially when comparing my opinion of them to those of my friends. I look forward to my next movie marathon, whatever it turns out to be. Until then I still have other movies to watch both old and new.


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