Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them – Review

This year we’ve see the return of the Harry Potter franchise. Cursed Child came out earlier this year and now we have a brand new film exploring a new area of the Wizarding World.

I really liked this film. While I did enjoy Cursed Child and have plans to include it in my art project it mostly centered around familiar territory with very few new elements. Fantastic Beasts on the other hand makes the Wizarding World feel fresh again as we see a completely different culture and time period with a few familiar elements.


The creatures themselves really are fantastic beasts that make the creatures Harry encountered in his school years seem like regular animals. The fact the lead characters are an animal lover and a Muggle allow for some truly stunning shots of these creatures, the film is worth watching for these scenes alone.


On that note Eddie Redmayne does a great job playing Newt Scamander. This is only the third film I’ve seen him in (the other two being The Theory of Everything and Jupiter Asending) but his performance is very different in each of them. Out of the three performances I’d say this would be my favourite, I like the differences in the way he acts around people and the way he acts around animals.


I also played the LEGO Dimensions Story Pack based on the film when I got home. I did this with The Force Awakens and its Disney Infinity playset last year too. It’s fun getting to play through the movie you’ve just seen only now characters like Holtzmann and Marceline the Vampire Queen are along for the ride. I also like the fact that several of the main cast reprise their roles for this pack, as much as I liked the Ghostbusters Story Pack I was disappointed to learn the lead actresses didn’t reprise their roles.


If you’re a fan of Harry Potter you’ll probably like this movie. I’m glad we’re getting to see more from this universe and am looking forward to seeing the other films WB have planned. Until then I need to start catching up on a few of this year’s film’s…


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