X-Men: Apocalypse – Review

When I watched Days of Future Past I felt the film had a great book end to Fox’s X-Men films. It annoyed me then when I found out that they were already planning on making another one and originally I didn’t plan on watching this one (some of you may remember in June I chose to watch Angry Birds instead of this). Then I saw the trailer for Logan which does look like it’ll be a good movie so I decided I should give this film a chance.

But my original view on Days of Future Past was correct, but while I’ve seen a couple of good follow ups to satisfying book ends this year with the Rocky films this just feels forced. It’s clear Fox need to either fully reboot the series or give the rights to Marvel.


The biggest problems with this movie are how they force the cast of First Class into the spotlight again. I get why they want to keep big stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender around but they just shouldn’t be the main characters any more. I’m not even saying they need to recast anyone, just have a movie that is actually about the X-Men.


The best scenes in the movie are when we actually do get to focus on the young Cyclops, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler. The movie really should have been about these three. That deleted scene that was popular earlier this year really showed what this movie could have been. The only one to really get any spotlight is Jean and it’s not for a good reason.


Once again the Phoenix is Jean’s hidden power instead of the Phoenix Force. Once again Fox are refusing to use all the alien content they own through the X-Men movie rights. I don’t mind if Fox keep the X-Men movie right but can they either give all the alien races like the Shi’ar to Marvel Studios or actually use them in their own movies. It annoys me that we’re probably never going to get an X-Men movie with Gladiator, Lockheed or the Shi’ar and Cyclops will probably never meet his space pirate father.


So looking back I made the right choice in going to see the Angry Birds movie in June. Maybe Logan will be as good as it looks and there is a second Deadpool movie to look forward to but unless they make major changes to their approach to the main films I have no interest in their next film to have X-Men in the title.


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