Gremlins – Review

It’s finally time to start watching Christmas movies and through the influence of LEGO Dimensions I decided to watch this one first. Yes, it is a Christmas movie.

It’s very funny, the film knows people aren’t going to be scared by the horror and instead embraces the ridiculousness of the Gremlins. The designs for the Mogwai and the Gremlins are very impressive as are the puppets, I especially like how Gizmo and Stripe aren’t the only designs that stand out.


I also like how this movie isn’t just set at Christmas, being Christmas is part of the plot. It may not look like a Christmas movie on the front of the DVD but it does in the actual movie. Anyway if you’re going to make a Christmas horror movie I’d much rather watch a silly horror comedy about gremlins than all the Christmas horror movies about evil Santa. If the sequel is also set at Christmas I might try and watch it later this month too.


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