Moana – Review

We’re getting to the end of the year and this is one of the last films I was looking forward to before the year started. It’s also clear the staff at Vue are used to me, the person I bought the tickets from gave me two straws before I even asked.

Disney have released a fair amount of great movies this year and this is one of them. It probably won’t get as popular as Frozen but it’s still a really good movie of similar quality (and yes Frozen is a really good movie, you’re just sick of seeing it everywhere).


The cast are fantastic. This is Auli’i Cravalho’s first role and she does an amazing job as Moana, I’m looking forward to seeing more from her after this. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also does a great job as Maui, in fact it’s probably the best role I’ve seen him in.


And of course as a Disney musical you have the songs. Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame wrote the songs for this movie and I loved them. Songs that stand out to me are How Far I’ll Go, You’re Welcome and Shiny (which is a villain song inspired by David Bowie). I’ve been listening to these songs ever since I left the cinema, in fact I made sure to purchase the soundtrack before seeing the movie because I knew I was going to want to do exactly that just from the songs in the trailers. I keep changing my mind about which song I like the most. If you like Disney musicals, Hamilton and Flight of the Concords then you’re probably going to want to do the same.


Having seen this I have successfully seen a movie in the cinema every month but I’ve still got at least a couple more visits to the cinema to go before I’m ready to make my top 10 list.


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