Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite – Wishlist

So we’re getting a new Marvel Vs Capcom game and of course one of the first things I did after I saw the trailer was think about the characters I’d love to see them include. I decided to come up with possible rivalries when picking characters and decided to leave out any X-Men characters as I doubt we’ll be getting any (and if we do Deadpool would have been the only one on the list).


Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) and Ibuki

These are the two I’m hoping for the most. Kamala is my favourite Marvel character and I really feel Ibuki would be the best Capcom counterpart for her. Sure Sakura could work too but Ibuki has a more unique moveset and is the Street Fighter III character who has the best chance of being included.


Venom and Nemesis

I remember the disappointment when Venom wasn’t included in MvC3 and hearing the reason was apparently connected Marvel not wanting them to use the classic Venom. But now Marvel are making Venom more like his old self in their comics again so he has a chance. Nemesis seemed like the right counterpart for him plus while I’ve never played the Resident Evil games I do really like his design and recall him being good in UMvC3.


Rocket Raccoon and a Palico

Come on Monster Hunter team, let Capcom use something from your franchise this time. A Palico would be perfect for this series and of course when selecting its Marvel counterpart I had to go with another small mammal…


Squirrel Girl and Juri

Speaking of small mammal lets include Marvel’s most powerful character; The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Sure she might be a bit OP but who wouldn’t want to defeat Akuma and Nemesis with a bunch of squirrels? Meanwhile Juri is the Street Fighter character I’d like to see the most after Ibuki and the obvious choice to represent Street Fighter IV.


Black Widow and Jill Valentine

Even if we don’t get the full MCU Avengers team I still think Black Widow should be included as a counterpart to Jill. When looking up images to use for Jill this made even more sense after seeing her design from Resident Evil: Revelations.


Hulk and Asura

The Hulk is obviously going to be in this game but rather than matching him against another buff character like Haggar or Zangief I wanted to match his rage with Asura. Plus there was DLC for Asura’s Wrath where he fought Ryu and Akuma that used the Street Fighter IV engine so he already has a moveset they can work from.


She-Hulk and Chun-Li

Chun-Li is another character who I have no doubt about being in the game. Sure I could have picked fellow lawyer Phoenix Wright as a rival for She-Hulk on this list but Chun-Li just seemed like a more fitting choice.


Daredevil and Phoenix Wright

Of course having a lawyer rivalry is still something I want to see in this game. Not only does Phoenix Wright need to return but the Marvel Netflix shows deserve some representation in this game.


The Punisher and Dante

Honestly the Punisher is here mostly as a replacement for Deadpool but I do think he works as a rival for Dante. Just note that if any X-Men characters do get confirmed I’m swapping him out for Deadpool.


Black Panther and Rashid

Street Fighter V should have some representation and Rashid is the new character I like playing as the most. He and Black Panther get to be rivals because of rumours about Rashid being royalty.


Thanos and Akuma

While we’ve seen that Ultron and Sigma are the main villains of this game with the Infinity Stones being part of the mechanics Thanos can’t be too far behind and Akuma tends to find his way into these games so why not make them rivals?

And those are just the characters I could come up with a rival/counterpart for. I’ve missed doing these wishlists so I might make another one at a later date after more characters are confirmed.


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