Die Hard – Review

After watching Gremlins it only makes sense to watch the other “THIS is a Christmas movie?” film, Die Hard. I was actually planning on watching this last year but didn’t get around to it so I made sure to see it early on this year.

I liked it. It’s not nearly as great as people make it out to be but it’s still a fun film to watch. I think a big part of this film’s charm that prevents it from just being a generic action movie is the Christmas setting, without them I’d probably just think this was ok.


One of the film’s highlights has to be Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber. He manages to have some of the silliest lines scenes yet still come across as threatening in other scenes. It’s no wonder this is one of his most famous roles.


Bruce Willis is an entertaining lead and he does have many of the film’s funniest lines. As a character John McClain isn’t very interesting but works for the story, not sure how they made four more movies about him though. The second movie is also set at Christmas though so I’ll probably watch it later this month rather than wait for a movie marathon of the rest of the series (which I will be doing next year). But I think I should probably pick a Christmas film that actually includes the word Christmas in the title as the next Christmas film to watch.


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