Office Christmas Party – Review

And by something a bit newer I mean one that came out today. I figured since I’m focusing on watching Christmas movies and 2016 movies this month I should see a 2016 Christmas movie.

It’s funny but mostly because of its cast rather than the writing. The script isn’t bad but it’s not great either, it’s just just alright.


What makes these characters funny are what the actors bring to them. Mary for example is a pretty cliche character for a movie like this but Kate McKinnon’s performance makes her one of the funniest characters in the film.


Unfortunately the film is dragged down by some really boring romance subplots which actually prevent some of the cast from being as funny as they could have been. Olivia Munn’s character Tracey barely gets anything funny to do. While she does contribute to the plot outside of the romance her character just isn’t memorable when compared to the rest. The same goes for Vanessa Bayer’s character who seems like she could have been a funnier character if she’d had more scenes there weren’t tied to these subplots.


So the film does have a few laughs but if you want to watch a 2016 film about a crazy party I’d suggest watching Dirty 30 instead.


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