Rogue One – Review

This is the last big film I was looking forward to this year and after the widely spread spoilers last year I knew I needed to see it on the release day if I wanted to avoid the trolls.

Another great film. It’s not quite Force Awakens great but it it’s still very good and does exactly what it sets out to do. It captures the look of the old films while also making it feel different from the main series, it’s hard to get that balance right. In a way it feels like a movie for the Star Wars Rebels cartoon (but with different characters).


Jyn Erso is an interesting lead character. Felicity Jones does a great job playing her, between this and I’m looking forward to seeing more from her having only really seen two more movies with her in (and one I don’t even remember having her in).


My favourite character however has to be K-2SO played by Disney regular and leaf on the wind Alan Tudyk (this year alone he’s been in Zootopia, Moana, episodes of Star vs. the Forces of Evil and this movie). He has the film’s funniest lines and his voice reminded me a bit of David Mitchell.


Unfortunately the third lead character Cassian is mediocre. He’s not bad and Diego Luna does a good job playing him but the character isn’t very interesting, especially when compared to Jyn and K-2SO.


And of course I have to talk about the returning characters. Darth Vader has two very impressive scenes and I like that they used the red eyes from A New Hope but outside of those scenes he’s barely in the movie and as much as I liked the scenes he had the film’s promotion did overhype his presence in the film. There’s also a couple of returning characters included through CGI and while there are some shots where it looks impressive the more time they spent on screen the more they look off which was a bit distracting considering one of these two is a recurring character. It was a neat effect though.


While the film has its flaws the strengths more than make up for it and it is a welcome addition to the Star Wars franchise. I do hope some of these characters pop up in Rebels at some point because I would like to see more from them (I should probably catch up on Rebels before that though since I haven’t even finished season 2 yet). One more film and I’ll have seen as many 2016 films and 2015 films (this is counting the ones I saw this year). It’s hard to believe the year’s almost over and I’ve seen all the big films I was looking forward to.


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