The Nice Guys – Review

So as we’re drawing to the end of the year a fair amount of people have been posting their top 10 lists so I’ve been watching them trying to figure out what I should watch. This was on MovieBob’s list and in the video he mentioned that it was set at Christmas so I figured if I ever was going to watch this it might as well be now in December.

Christmas doesn’t come up until the very last scene and it’s only in the form of a few decorations. The film itself was honestly pretty mediocre. It’s well directed, has a great cast and some funny moments but I just couldn’t get invested in the characters or the plot.


They’re not bad characters and they do have their moments but I feel like they could have been better as supporting characters instead of the leads. Maybe that was the point but either way I’m clearly not the intended audience for this film.


It’s not bad but still one of the weaker movies I’ve seen from this year. I’m not sure what I’ll think of the rest of Shane Black’s films, I did like Iron Man 3 which is the only other one of his films I’ve seen. This brings the total number of films from this year I’ve seen up to 40 but I’m not done watching them yet.


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