Norm of the North – Review

So while figuring out what films from this year to watch I thought “wasn’t there that polar bear movie that came out early in the year? It would make sense to watch that in December”…

This movie was so boring. The animation looks like a direct to DVD movie trying to cash in on confused parents thinking it’s the newest Disney/Dreamworks movie, except no one else made a movie about a polar bear recently. Even the message doesn’t make sense, according to this movie the biggest concern for the arctic isn’t global warming but rich people building houses there. Also Norm is played by Rob Schneider.


It even has its own rip-off of the Minions. If you see this movie you’ll never complain about Minions again, at least they work in the context of the movies they’re in. At least the Minions can be funny, I didn’t find a single joke involving the Lemmings to be even slightly funny.


This movie is bad, the only reason this isn’t the worst film I’ve seen this year is because Batman V Superman actually made me angry. This film is just boring. To borrow a phrase from I Hate Everything it’s a nothing movie.


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