Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – Review

I decided to watch this mostly because Aubrey Plaza from Parks & Rec is one of the leads, especially after deciding against seeing Passengers. I wasn’t expecting much from this film, I figured some jokes would be funny and others would feel forced and honestly that’s exactly what the film ended up being like.

Much like Office Christmas Party the times the comedy did work can be credited to the actors more than the script. I also feel like the weakest jokes in the film are the ones tied to the plot. It also suffers from the more tiresome romantic comedy tropes such as the liar revealed, the annoying thing was it almost looked like they were going to subvert this one when one of the brothers was ok with the lie but then they gave him a different lie to be bothered by.


Despite these problems though the actors are genuinely funny and have plenty of funny scenes together. There’s even some surprisingly sweet scenes between Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick’s characters that show their talents outside of comedy. I feel like the same actors playing the same characters deserve to be in a better movie.


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