Trolls – Review

We’re nearing the end of the year now and this will probably be the last new film I’ll watch before the new year. Maybe not the strongest film to end off on but having seen this I have now seen 44 films from this year, 10 more new films than I saw last year which I think is a satisfying end goal to reach.

Honestly the film is alright. Has a fair amount of problems sure but better than I expected, weirdly better than the last 4 films I saw (man people are going to hate the fact I think Trolls is better than The Nice Guys).


Poppy is an entertaining character who reminds me a bit of Pinkie Pie. Anna Kendrick is perfectly cast here and has a lot more material to work with than she did in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. She also sings Get Back Up Again which is one of the few original songs in the soundtrack and the funniest scene in the movie.


This unfortunately leads into the things that drag the movie down for me. Most of the songs in the film are covers and while that can work (like The Book of Life) here they feel forced and lazy. I also feel Justin Timberlake is miscast as Branch, this is a character I’ve seen done before many times but by actors who know how to make it work. Timberlake’s performance is mediocre and feels like he was just cast to be a big name or for his singing (even though Branch doesn’t actually sing until the end of the film).


Trolls has its charm and maybe with more original songs and a more suitable actor playing Branch (Santino Fontana maybe?) I’d be giving it a lot more praise but the film lacks effort and that just makes it disappointing, which is odd because I went in with fairly low expectations.


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