iBoy – Review

Honestly I didn’t really have high expectations for a movie with a name like iBoy but this one of the few Netflix Original movies I actually saw a trailer for ahead of its release and figured it would at the very least be more interesting than Take the 10.

It’s alright. The plot is pretty generic but the presentation is decent. I’ve never been interested in the Watchdogs games but from what I’ve seen this is pretty much a Watchdogs movie so if you enjoy those games there’s a chance you might like this film.


The main thing that stood out about this film before even seeing the trailer was Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams playing one of the lead characters. She gives a great performance and out of all the characters in the story is the only one with an actual character arc. I honestly think the film could have been much better if she was the main character, the scenes that focus on her character are some of the better parts of the film. Unfortunately because she’s just the love interest she ends up being a damsel in distress most of the time.


Another actor that gives a great performance is Rory Kinnear as the “final boss”. His character is pretty generic but he does such a great job playing him that he really stands out when compared to the other antagonists (who are also generic). Honestly this makes me want to see Rory Kinnear play a villain again in a better movie, maybe Marvel should consider getting him to play Norman Osborn.


Unfortunately the film’s biggest problems are with its focus. Tom is a pretty boring character and while it’s clear Bill Milner is a talented actor the film never gives him an opportunity to stand out. Even his revenge is more personal to Maisie Williams’ character Lucy than him. He has a couple of good moments like the scenes where he’s able to actually show personality and the scene where he traps some of the villains to interrogate them but I really think the film would have been better with Lucy as the main character.


It’s certainly better than Take the 10 but nothing special. I will note that as an adaptation of a book it’s possible most of the problems are with the source material and that at the very least it is well directed with a talented cast (especially Maisie Williams and Rory Kinnear). Anyway I recently signed up for Odeon’s Limitless so I plan on seeing films in the cinema soon, in fact I might have another movie review up later today…


Justice League Dark – Review

I’ll admit I didn’t have high hopes for this one. Even DC’s animated movies haven’t been that decent lately with Return of the Caped Crusaders being the best we’ve had in a while. Plus when I started the film and saw the same bland version of the Justice League that has plagued the last few movies I was prepared for them to once again take attention away from the thing that actually worked about the film.

But I was pleasantly surprised. The Justice League presence was kept to a minimum and there was no sign of that awful Superman/Wonder Woman romance DC was trying to force on us. As a result we got an interesting story focused on DC’s supernatural characters.


Matt Ryan reprises his role as Constantine and once again captures the spirit of the character perfectly. Once he’s introduced he takes the spotlight away from Batman (who really didn’t need to be there) and the film’s quality improves. I also liked that Zatanna got a good amount of attention and turned out to be the strongest member of the team.


True to the film’s title it is dark but unlike most of DC’s live action movies they don’t make everything depressing. The film has a lot of humour (mostly from Constantine and Deadman) and nothing feels overly brutal despite having an R rating in the US.


It’s not great and still nowhere near as good as DC’s older animated films but it is decent and better than I was expecting. I mostly just wish the film had less Batman and more Swamp Thing. Hopefully this will be a good year for DC’s animated movies with The LEGO Batman Movie coming out next month, a Return of the Caped Crusaders sequel and new a Teen Titans film. Their live action movies I have much lower expectations for.

Take the 10 – Review

The first movie review of the new year and the first movie review being written on my new laptop. I decided to leave January out of my “see at least one movie each month” plan this year since no 2o17 films tend to come out until February (the films that do come out are mostly 2016 films with delayed UK releases). Fortunately Netflix is here to make sure I see something brand new this month.

This film is ok I guess. Not exactly the best start to the year but it’s not bad. There are some funny lines and the actors are talented but the story is so boring. I even watched a couple of other online reviews and they had a similar response so at least I know it’s not a case of me not being the target audience. It has this non linear storytelling angle which works at first when introducing the two leads but then it just feels forced and once the stories catch up with each other the format is abandoned.


Honestly that’s about everything there is to say about this film. It’s a shame because it did show potential at the start and I saw some pretty decent Netflix movies last year. I’ve added a couple more Netflix Original movies from this year to my list, maybe they’ll be better (or at least be bad in a way that allows me to say more about them).