Take the 10 – Review

The first movie review of the new year and the first movie review being written on my new laptop. I decided to leave January out of my “see at least one movie each month” plan this year since no 2o17 films tend to come out until February (the films that do come out are mostly 2016 films with delayed UK releases). Fortunately Netflix is here to make sure I see something brand new this month.

This film is ok I guess. Not exactly the best start to the year but it’s not bad. There are some funny lines and the actors are talented but the story is so boring. I even watched a couple of other online reviews and they had a similar response so at least I know it’s not a case of me not being the target audience. It has this non linear storytelling angle which works at first when introducing the two leads but then it just feels forced and once the stories catch up with each other the format is abandoned.


Honestly that’s about everything there is to say about this film. It’s a shame because it did show potential at the start and I saw some pretty decent Netflix movies last year. I’ve added a couple more Netflix Original movies from this year to my list, maybe they’ll be better (or at least be bad in a way that allows me to say more about them).


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