La La Land – Review

I was going to watch this film at some point and since I have an Odeon Limitless account now I figured I might as well see it in the cinema allowing me to see something in the cinema in January and see this film while the Oscar nominations are still somewhat fresh. Interesting note about seeing a Best Picture nominated film in the cinema, most of the trailers are for serious dramas, most of them being based on true stories, including another Best Picture nominee.

It’s good. Would it have made my top 10 last year if it’s UK release wasn’t delayed? No but it would have gotten an honourable mention for being a very well made film with a decent story, catchy music and a talented cast.


Both leads do a fantastic job playing their roles and deserve the award nominations they’ve received. And since this is a musical it should go without saying that they’re both great singers. Emma Stone in particular gets a song near the end that I was really impressed by her performance of.


Speaking of the songs they were good with great melodies. Unfortunately the lyrics weren’t that memorable, especially when compared to the other musicals I watched last year such as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Moana and Spies Are Forever. However I will admit that this could change after listening to them again and I do want to listen to these songs again.


The film’s visuals are impressive and compliment the music really well. Some of the best scenes are when the instrumental tracks and visuals are the focus including a really impressive ending sequence.


Overall it’s a fun film that’s worth a watch. While it may not be 2016’s best musical it’s still an impressively made one and a nice start to my Odeon Limitless experience which shall hopefully allow me to see much more films than I would have seen otherwise.


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