The LEGO Batman Movie – Review

First new film to come out in the cinema this year and one I’ve been excited about for a while. The LEGO Movie was one of the best films to come out in the last few years and one of the film’s highlights was its take on Batman, the perfect parody of the direction DC have taken the character in the last few years. I’ve also been really impressed by the figure designs they’ve made for this movie (including the best design for Killer Croc).

This is the best Batman movie I’ve seen in a long time. It really is a celebration of the Batman franchise as a whole managing to flawlessly mash up drastically different takes on the character together in one world. But while you can see a lot of love for Batman throughout the film it’s also not afraid to highlight all the problems with the dark brooding loner Batman many of us have grown tired of with the central message of the film being that Batman is better when the Batfamily are around.


Once again Will Arnett is perfect as Batman, a big part of what makes this take on the character work is his voice. The rest of the cast was great too. Ralph Finnes was such a great pick for Alfred, Michael Cera’s take on Robin is a lot of fun and Rosario Dawson’s Batgirl while not a stand out performance is still a neat take on the character.


Out of the new performances I’d say Zach Galifianakis’ Joker stands out the most. After Leto’s mediocre Heath Ledger impression it’s great hearing an actor bring something new to the Joker’s voice. The way the character is written is also entertaining with the Batman/Joker relationship being treated like an actual relationship. While Mark Hamill will always be the best Joker Zach Galifianakis easily makes it into the top 3 (along with John DiMaggio in Under The Red Hood).


I also played a bit of the LEGO Dimensions Story Pack. It’s been a lot of fun so far with fun new mechanics and puzzles made with the new characters in mind. I really like the way it uses the Starter Pack Batman by replacing him with the version of the character from the movie with an improved moveset and new dialogue from Will Arnett. I rarely used my Starter Pack Batman but now thanks to the Always Batman Red Brick he’s going to be one of the characters I used the most. I’ve only played two levels so far but I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest are like, with this being the last Story Pack (until Year 3 anyway) I didn’t want to finish it right away.


If you’ve ever liked Batman you’re going to enjoy this movie. Is it as good as The LEGO Movie? No. Is it my favourite Batman movie? No. But it’s still a great movie and we’re probably not going to get another Batman movie this good until they decide to make a sequel. It’s clear to me that LEGO’s cinematic movies are going to be a lot of fun no matter what, I’m even starting to look forward to the LEGO Ninjago movie coming out later this year after seeing the trailer and I didn’t really care for the show.


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