Digimon Adventure tri. 4: Soshitsu

The newest of the Digimon movies that are also episodes. It’s at this point where the release schedule starts to effect the quality of these movisodes.

There’s some interesting lore that gets explored in this right from the start as we finally see a bit of the original generation of Chosen Children (Digidestined) that existed before the original series and the Harmonious Ones. This puts some of the newer characters from the tri series in a new context. Also the evil version of Gennai gets more screentime and he’s really creepy, the fact he appears to only be a henchman is particularly interesting.


The problem with this is that the formula has gotten tiresome. One or two members of the original team have a problem that takes the full movie to resolve resulting in their partner Digimon reaching their Mega/Ultimate stage. This particular story feels like it should have only covered one or two episodes instead of four, which it’s only doing to be a movie. I actually found Sora and Biomon’s character arc to be interesting (except the love triangle teasing, bored of that) but it was stretched out for too long keeping them from exploring the other interesting themes introduced more.


There’s two more of these movies left with the next one set to come out some time this year (no month has been specified yet though). Hopefully that means the next one will start answering questions. What happened to the 02 characters and the real Gennai? Are Tai and Meiko going to be a thing? Does Joe’s girlfriend really exist?


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