Logan – Review

When I first heard about this film I wasn’t interested. I felt Days of Future Past was a good book end for the original X-Men films and didn’t feel I needed to see any more, the idea of it being inspired by Old Man Logan wasn’t enough to sell me either. But when that first trailer came out it became one of the films I was most interested in seeing this year.

It’s very good. One of the best films to come out of the X-Men franchise. I’m also really glad the fact it’s an R rated film in the US wasn’t shoved in your face, there are brutal scenes but they’re not shot in a “look how brutal this is” way. A lot of the praise I’ve seen for this film brings up how brutal it gets and I agree that it’s great that we get to see the claws do some real damage but what I think works best about the brutality is that it’s shot in a way that comes across like this is how it’s always been.


The film is being promoted as the last time Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart play Logan and Xavier and what a performance to go out on. A big part of why this movie works is that these are the actors we’ve grown up seeing as these characters, we’re attached to these versions of the characters already before the film even starts.


But the character who stole the show was Laura. Dafne Keen makes a great X-23 and the heart of the film is the bond that grows between her an Logan. She doesn’t speak for the majority of the film but you still feel the emotion from her expressions and the way she fights. Maybe instead of hiring a new actor to play Logan now that Jackman is finished they should just make Wolverine movies about Laura instead, she is Wolverine in the comics now after all…


This is a film I’ll be surprised to not see in my top 10 by the end of the year. If you’re an X-Men fan who enjoyed any of the original X-Men films this is a film you should watch. Even if you’ve gotten tired of Fox’s X-Men movies this is still one that is worth checking out. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some Horizon Zero Dawn to start playing.


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