The Wolverine – Review

I preparation for seeing Logan I knew I needed to watch the only other X-Men movie I hadn’t seen, especially with it being another Wolverine solo movie I wanted to be prepared in case there might be a connection that comes up in Logan.

It’s decent. Not great but an improvement over X-Men Origins: Wolverine and better than Apocalypse from last year. It’s a good transition movie between the original X-Men trilogy and Days of Future Past that I’m glad I finally got around to seeing.


Wolverine’s time in Japan has been a famous part of his life in the comics and it’s neat getting to see some of these characters in the movies. I really liked Rila Fukushima’s portrayal of Yukio and think it’s a shame this is the only X-Men film she’s in.


The film does feel like it drags on a bit at times though, it never feels boring but does feel long. There’s also a lot of dialogue in Japanese without any subtitles which would be fine if I spoke Japanese but the way these scenes are presented it feels like I’m missing a big part of the movie. This isn’t even the only X-Men film to do this as I remember First Class having no subtitles for Magneto’s origin story. Also there are points when two Japanese characters randomly start speaking English to each other which really stand out as “we want you to understand what they’re saying in this scene” moments.


The film’s strengths do make up for its flaws though. I like the romance between Logan and Mariko more than the Wolverine/Jean/Cyclops love triangle from the original trilogy and actually would have liked to have seen a sequel centered around Logan and Yukio on an adventure together. But the fact we have at least one good Wolverine solo movie after the infamous X-Men Origins, now lets see if there are two…


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