Power Rangers – Review

I didn’t watch Power Rangers when I was younger, never saw the appeal. But I was still curious about this film after learning that one of the characters was going to be autistic (for those who aren’t aware I have autism) so as research I watched the first two episodes of Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger (it was a two parter) and the first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers so I had at least a basic understanding of the franchise and the set up.

Oh and this was my second cinema trip this year where people did not listen to the “turn of your phones and no talking” message because while there were no distracting screens there were two people who kept talking during the film, and they were in the same row as me so I could hear exactly what they were saying half the time (usually fanboy “why isn’t that thing from the show here” remarks).

This was better than I was expecting. The film has problems and I’ll get to that later but I did like the characters and the story of them becoming friends which is the part of the film that gets the most attention. Are they the same characters as their original series counterparts? From the episode I’ve seen not really (outside of their names) but they’re likable and work well as a group so that doesn’t really matter to me, plus I’m someone who prefers their reboots to be different from the original anyway.


Since he was my main motivation for watching the film I should say what I thought about Billy. He’s the best character in the film and the heart of the team. I do like that his autism isn’t just a side note either, he brings it up and the way if effects him is clear throughout the film.


The weakest points of the film were actually the stuff tied to the Power Rangers franchise. The suits look terrible, Rita Bandora Repulsa looks terrible, the gold monster thing they have to fight looks terrible and the Mega Zord looks terrible (though to be fair I never cared for that thing’s design, I remember as a child trying to convince someone their toy would look better if it kept the T. Rex head). Also you know that iconic theme song? It’s used for a few second and is very quiet.  No remix in the score and no cover in the credits. There was also some really blatant product placement that takes you out of the movie and is part of the narrative for some reason.


But these problems are only really an issue in the third act while the rest of the film is pretty decent and the T. Rex mech looks pretty cool (I stand by my younger self’s point that the Mega Zord would look better with the T. Rex head). It hasn’t got me interesting in checking out more Power Rangers or Super Sentai content but it was a decent enough film. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a weird craving for donuts for some reason…


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