Ghost in the Shell – Review

I’ve been meaning to watch this film for several years now. It’s one of those “must see anime” that are even popular with people who don’t usually care for anime (it even got brought up in my media course in college). So of course with that controversial live action film out it makes sense to finally get around to watching it.

It’s an interesting film. At first glace you might expect an exciting action film but the best scenes of the film are actually the quiet scenes where the themes are discussed by the characters. It’s also very clear this story was intended as a beginning as this is a manga adaptation and there are sequels that I do plan on watching at some point.


One of the things that this film is famous for are its visuals and they do look great. There’s that classic 90s anime film look to it along with the really well designed technology. You can see the ways this film influenced The Matrix just by looking at it and as an animation fan the animation itself is fantastic in a way that is unique to its time.


A big part of the film’s appeal comes from the different ways the main characters look at things. The differences between Kusanagi and Batou’s stance on their own humanity is one comparison that stands out and there’s another near the end that I won’t get into due to spoilers but is a big part of what makes me interested in the sequels.


I wouldn’t consider this one of the best anime films I’ve seen but it is still a very well made film that I’m glad I finally got around to seeing. There are a few classic anime films I’ve been meaning to watch that I should consider watching this year. But based on the timing of this review you can probably guess what I’m going to be watching next…


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