Tangled: Before Ever After – Review

With Gravity Falls being over and the fact I have to wait for Star vs. the Forces of Evil season 3 I’m glad we’re getting more Disney shows this year and as someone who watched the Aladdin, Hercules, Timon & Pumbaa and Lilo & Stitch shows it’s nice to see another spin-off series. Plus it’s based on Tangled which is one of the best Disney films to come out in the last few years.

This pilot movie for the series is fun and sets things up nicely. The art style is very unique and really suits the artistic side of Rapunzel. It’s important to judge this more as a pilot than a movie. I’ve seen a few people unfairly criticizing this more as a sequel than the start of a show and yeah if you go into this expecting Tangled 2 you’re probably going to be disappointed as several plot points are set up to be explored later in the show (including the return of Rapunzel’s hair).


Rapunzel and Eugene (one again being played by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi) really do suit a TV series format and new character Cassandra plays off the two of them so well. There’s also a couple of new songs from Alan Menken (who wrote the songs from the original film) that are pretty catchy, I’m not sure if songs will be a regular part of the show but I hope so.


I also watched the two episodes of the show that have aired so far and they’re pretty good too. I’m going to try and follow the episodes as they come out but it might be tricky with the amount of shows I’m trying to stay up to date on (I only just caught up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and have a yearly habit of falling behind on Game of Thrones). There’s also two more new Disney shows to look forward to in Ducktales and Big Hero 6.


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