Teen Titans: The Judas Contract – Review

In my Justice League vs. Teen Titans I mentioned that I liked the stuff about the Teen Titans but felt that the film was dragged down by including the Justice League. This film is just about this version of the Titans with no Justice League and it’s based on a pretty famous story from the series that comic and show fans alike will remember.

So far this has been a pretty decent year for DC animated movies. Justice League Dark was better than I expected and The LEGO Batman Movie is one of the best films of the year so far and now this film is exactly what I wanted from the last Teen Titans film. It’s nice seeing more from Nightwing too after him being underused in most of these movies and as a fan of the old Teen Titans show seeing scenes of him and Starfire being a couple and flirting is just adorable.


The late Miguel Ferrer does a great job as Deathstroke. His voice really fits the character and it’s sad to know this is one of his last performances. He’s up there with Ron Pearlman and Manu Bennett as one of the better Slade performances.


The story takes inspiration not just from the original comic storyline but the take on it from the Teen Titans cartoon. This is good because Terra from the animated storyline was a more tragic character while the comic Terra is just a villain. Beastboy’s reaction to Terra betrayal is just as heartbreaking as it was in the show too.


I’m glad this doesn’t appear to be the last we’ll see of this Teen Titans lineup and that another classic Titan will be joining the lineup (and she’s an underused character at DC). There are two more DC animated movies I’m aware of coming out this year and they both are interesting concepts, at the very least I have higher hopes for them than the two live action DC movies coming out.


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