Smurfs: The Lost Village – Review

I didn’t even bother with the live action Smurf movies, I could tell they were just made to appeal to the Alvin and the Chipmunk audience. This film on the other hand seemed more like it was made with a respect for both the source material and its target audience and after hearing a couple of positive reviews I figured I might as well check it out.

Much like Power Rangers I found myself enjoying this more that I expected (in fact it was better than Power Rangers). It’s funny, has great visuals and is overall a decent film. Not on the same level of quality as the animated films that make it to my top 10 lists but still a nice film with its own charm and a huge improvement from those live action films that actually look even worse looking back at the designs in them compared to this film.


The film is about Smurfette and takes the criticisms of the character concerning her origins and role as the token girl as the setup to tell a story about her wanting to figure out her place in the world. Its the best story to tell for a modern Smurfs movie actually.


The voice actors are well cast too. While this is an all star cast no one feels like they were cast just because they’re famous but because they’re good at playing that type of character. For example one of the new characters Smurf Blossom is like Pinkie Pie as a Smurf and her voice actress is Ellie Kemper whose experience from playing Kimmy Schmidt made her perfect for the role.


I’ve seen people compare this film to Dreamworks’ Trolls movie from last year and I do think the two films have a lot of the same charm so if you liked Trolls you should like this too, especially since I think this is the better movie.


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