Coin Heist – Review

I really hope Netflix are just saving all their best films for later in the year because so far this has not been a good year for them. Even their shows aren’t getting the high praise they tend to get with Iron Fist getting a very mixed response (my opinion falls somewhere in the middle).

But even the weakest of the other Netflix Originals I’ve seen this year was at least alright. This film on the other hand is boring and the weakest film I’ve seen so far. I got tired just watching it and would regularly just pause it to watch later, then watch something else before remembering I really needed to finish this film.


The characters were not just boring but cliche and even the performances weren’t any good, though I’m not going to blame the actors for that since the script gave them nothing to work with. Worst of all the heist sucked, it feels rushed and two of the characters barely even contribute to it.


While the other Netflix films are probably fine if, like me, you’re looking for 2017 films to watch so you can see more films than you did last year I’d still suggest skipping this one.


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